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Rent and Lease


Using a combination of products and services, Pallet Renew works with our clients to best maintain and manage each individual customer pallet production requirements. Upfront communication, consistent customer service response times and accurate documentation provide the base from which we build all our client relationships.


Pallet Renew rents pallets for short-term or long-term rental periods. Our inventory is monitored to ensure various types of production-ready pallets are available on-site for immediate use.


Leasing is similar to renting, except that the cost of leased pallets remain constant throughout the duration of the lease. This consistency of cost protects you from cost inflation and helps with long term budgeting. Both leasing and renting provide certain advantages that may be preferable to buying, depending on the nature of your business.

  • Fixed payments
  • Potential for a hedge against inflation
  • Simplifies long term budgets
  • Flexibility
  • Immediate availability
  • Cost efficient and space efficient – utilize only what you need when you need it
  • Potential tax savings on rental vs. ownership
  • Expected lower upfront capital spending costs

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purchase pallets

Buy new or used pallets direct
from our warehouse.

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repair pallets

Cost effective repairs that
will save your business money

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sell pallets

Pallet Renew purchases unused
pallets at fair market value

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manage pallets

Pallets available for short-term
or long-term rental.

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